How To Link Your Spark with Remote Controller and Smart Phone

Anytime you get a new drone, controller or phone it may be necessary to reset everything and re-link them back together. Here are the steps to get re-connected and flying ASAP:

1. Download the DJI Go 4 app to your phone from the App Store

2. Power on Spark Aircraft (AC). Power on Remote Control (RC). If they are not linked then the indicator light on the RC will be red. When properly linked the RC light will be green.

3. Open WiFi Settings in phone and connect to the RC’s wifi. It will appear as “Spark-RC-XXX”. The default passcode is 12341234. You may need to turn off Spark in order to see your RC in wifi Settings. (If passcode was customized and needs to be reset just hold down RC power button for 10 seconds).

4. Power Spark back on. Press and hold the Power Button on the AC until single beep is heard (3 seconds). The front LED’s on Spark will blink red.

5. To initiate linking of RC to Spark press 3 buttons on the RC simultaneously. Simply press the top Pause and top Fn buttons while pressing the front right Customizable button until rapid beeping heard and then release.**

When the process is complete the RC indicator light will be green and the Spark’s front lights will be solid red.

6. Go back to DJI Go app home screen and choose Spark as your device.

Tap blue flag in lower screen that reads “Start Flying” and you are clear for takeoff!


**an alternate pairing method is available in the DJI Go app: tap “RC Connected” in the left lower corner. On the next screen tap the Remote Controller tab in the top right. Then tap “RC Linking” and the RC will start beeping and begin pairing