Must Have Accessories

I’ve spent many hours investigating the best accessories to maximize the enjoyment of my DJI Spark. I put together this summary of my research with three principles in mind:

  1. Don’t buy junk – it doesn’t last and leads to frustration and waste
  2. Don’t spend any more than necessary – there are great bargains if you look hard for them (see below)
  3. Sometimes it’s worth paying a little more for a premium product to enjoy the added performance and longevity

I developed a search algorithm that optimized price, value, confirmed ratings, availability, brand and shipping costs. I field tested as many products as possible and discarded the ones that didn’t make the grade. These are the items I still use regularly:

Spark Basics

DJI Remote Control for Spark – Unlock your aircraft’s full potential with pro features, precision control, extended range and Sport Mode

OTG Cable for iPhone / iPad – Use a wired connection to eliminate RF interference

OTG Cable for Android (USB type C) – Use a wired connection to eliminate RF interference

Antenna Range Booster – Reduce video cutout and controller lag by enhancing signal reception

Replacement propellers (2 sets) – Avoid being grounded by a chipped prop — always carry replacements

Replacement propellers (set of 4) – Put on new props every 6 months for less drift and better stability

Prop Guards (set of 4) – Always use when flying near trees, buildings or indoors

Colored Replacement Top Shell for Spark (5 choices) – Change the appearance of your Spark by turning just 6 screws

Accessory Bundle (gimbal cover, sun hood, joystick protector, landing legs) – Great value on 4 essential accessories

Power, Charging and Batteries

DJI Spare Battery for Spark – Carry 3 batteries for a total of about 40 minutes air time

DJI Rapid 3-Battery Charging Hub – Charges 3 batteries safely and quickly at the same time

DJI Portable Charging Hub – Recharge your batteries and aircraft miles from any power outlet

DJI Portable Charging Bundle – Get a portable charging hub and 2 spare batteries at a great value price

Portable 3-Battery Charger by Smartree – External power pack replenishes 3 Spark batteries over and over again on a single charge

Powerbank with AC Outlet and USB Ports – 120 volt portable power for a laptop, charging hub (or anything with a USB cable)

Car Charger – Charges 4 batteries right from your car’s cigarette lighter

Car Power Inverter – Allows 120 volt accessories such as laptop or charging hub to run from your car’s cigarette lighter

Memory, Storage and Backup

Samsung micro-SD Memory Card (64GB) – Fast card with plenty of storage. U3 rated for digital video. All the features but half the price of SanDisk

Samsung micro-SD Memory Card (128GB) – Maximum storage size the Spark can handle. U3 rated for 4K digital video

Apple Lightning to SD Camera Card Reader – Quickest way to transfer full HD footage directly from the Spark to your iPhone or iPad

Rugged Hard Drive with Direct Drone Linkage (by DJI / Lacie) – Store and organize 4TB of footage without the need for a computer or wifi connection

Western Digital Portable Hard Drive – Archive all your video and never run out of storage space

Camera Enhancements

Neutral Density Filters (3-pack) – Gives cinematic video by allowing reduced shutter speed

Polarizing Filter – Remove unwanted reflections and sun glare from water or glass surfaces

Anti-Glare Camera Hood – Blocks the stray sunlight that causes lens flare and ruins video

Handheld Gimbal Adapter for Spark Camera – Converts the Spark into a gimbal-stabilized video camera

Video Display Enhancements

Sun Shade for Smart Phone and Tablets – Restores contrast and brightness to washed-out displays when in direct sunlight

Premium Sun Shade for phone – Advanced design gives best shade yet still retains access to touch screen

iPad Mini 4 – Great size display if your phone isn’t big enough

iPad  9.7″ (2018 model) – Like a home theater screen for your live drone feed and editing HD content

CrystalSky Monitor by DJI – The brightest screen available – even in direct sunlight

DJI Goggles – First-person view for a virtual flying experience

Gear Protection

Protective Cover for Gimbal / Camera Lens – Protects the most delicate parts that cost the most to repair [strongly recommended]

Protective Cover for Remote Control Joystick – Prevents damage to joystick springs in backpack and during travel

Tablet and Phone Mounts

Tablet / Phone Mount to Remote Control – Improved view of display and better weight balance – even with full size tablets

Premium Phone / Tablet Mount (includes cables) – Uses aircraft-grade aluminum for superior fit and durability

Clip-On Phone Holder for RC – Better view of phone display with improved balance and access to joysticks

Neck Lanyard (3-pack) – Keeps controller and phone off the ground when you need your hands free

Carrying Cases

Soft Carrying Case for Spark – Lightweight protection with plenty of storage

Hard Carrying Case for Spark – Serious water, dust and impact protection

Carrying Case for Remote Control – Protect your remote control from scratches and breakage

Tactical Sling Backpack – Carry everything on one shoulder for easy access

Landing Gear

Landing Gear Extension (standard height) – Land in tall grass or dirt without prop damage

Landing Gear Extension (extra tall) – Land in even taller grass or dirt without prop damage

Drone Landing Pad – Keeps grass, sand and other debris out of props and motors


Travel and Portability

Airline Safety Bag for Spark Batteries – The safest way to travel with lithium batteries in your carry on bag

Battery Terminal Safety Covers – Covers metal contacts as required by many airlines during travel

Your Next Drone

DJI Tello (by Ryze)Not a toy. Great fun indoors

DJI Spark – Everybody’s favorite

DJI Mavic Air – Cutting edge performance and technology in a compact package

DJI Mavic Pro – Fly More Combo – The next big step up

Mavic Pro Alpine White Fly More Combo – Gorgeous whited-out limited edition. A unique beauty

Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo – Longest flight time and quietest props

Mavic 2 Pro / Zoom – The most technically advanced consumer drones on the planet

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